How Jonas Combines the Best of Both Worlds at Zeticon

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After having been an Electronics - ICT student at Odisee for about three years, Jonas was asked to look for an internship, as well for a related thesis topic. Getting in touch with several companies, there seemed to be a good fit between Jonas’ expectations and goals, and the proposal as done by Zeticon. The assignment in short: scaling Cloud applications by using Kubernetes.

Jonas' internship was not only successful, he was also offered a job as a support engineer. Something he didn't have to think twice about. And that’s how Jonas’ professional career took off at Zeticon. Check the full story!

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Always at Your Service

In short, you could say Jonas combines the best of two worlds in his current position. As support engineer he’s in continuous connection with Zeticon’s customers, solving problems in a wide range of domains of expertise. Easily explained, Jonas delivers support when clients have specific wishes, questions or remarks concerning applications developed by Zeticon. He’s the link between internal and external, translating customers needs and requirements to Zeticon’s development teams. On top, Jonas is also in charge for some operational tasks.

The mix of interpersonal contact with customers and the ability to carry out operational assignments is from paramount importance for Jonas. He's a very sociable person by nature, so the human touch is something that greatly appeals to him. Besides this, the fact that he’s to deal with very different cases, implies he’s able to dive in a wide range of knowledge areas, expanding his expertise enormously. Win, win, win!

Improvement Is the Key Goal

Zeticon offers the perfect environment and atmosphere to develop yourself, to grow and learn in an organic way. You’re surrounded by a team of real experts, exchanging knowledge and information regularly. And that’s for Jonas the focus in the medium run. He’s eager to improve his own skill set - specifically adopting a more efficient approach to communication - aiming to be able to work more independently.

As Zeticon’s future looks promising, with lots of exciting new projects in the pipeline, Jonas is pretty sure he’s in the right place at the right moment. The perfect playground to gain a lot of expertise, further expanding his knowledge. Up to the next level!

Zeticon, a Challenging Workspace

A good work environment is everything. And that’s definitely the case at Zeticon. As employee you get the opportunity to participate in really challenging assignments and projects - including amongst others, the Flemish Government, Belgian Defence, etc. - and to practice the latest technologies. You’re constantly triggered, pushed in new directions - continuous learning is key for Zeticon’s management. Something that translates into a very varied job.

On top, Zeticon provides a wide range of training opportunities. New things can be learned hands-on when carrying out projects, you get the chance to attend workshops and training sessions and last but not least, you’re surrounded by a great team of warm and experienced people. Really the way forward!

Interested in a job or internship at Zeticon? Get in touch and let’s talk over coffee!

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