What does it offer?

MediaHaven is a cloud-based and on-premise Media Asset Management platform. This solution helps your organization to manage, distribute and archive digital media content, both professionally and securely. There is no limit on the number of files, which allows you to store all your preferred content.

Who can use it?

All services, organisations and companies that strive for a central and efficient image and video management, benefit greatly from the use of MediaHaven.

Are you:

  • An event organiser who wants to allow anyone to upload images in an easy way so he can show them in a controlled and fast way on his website or portal to the general public;
  • A heritage service that wants to secure digital heritage imagery in the long term;
  • A communication service that wants to preserve large volumes of audiovisual material;
  • A marketer who uses a plug-in from his adobe suite to quickly build an efficient flyer, brochure and other marketing material based on all centrally available visual material?

Then you've come to the right place at Zeticon with MediaHaven!


MediaHaven is a scalable, cost-efficient, flexible and open Digital & Media Asset Management platform with a very rich range of functionalities:

  • Upload and securely write the original file at various locations, intended for long-term storage;
  • Prevention against the repetition of the same asset;
  • Automatic creation of various derived image formats, such as previews and low-resolution images based on the customer's needs;
  • A proprietary storage management environment that allows writing to different types of storage, from hard disk to tape, depending on the customer's needs;
  • Highly complete REST APIs for integration with external applications, both for input and output;
  • Flexible integration into workflow (ingest and export);
  • Scalable, from a few Gb to dozens of PetaBytes;
  • Highly flexible and advanced metadata management environment that reduces the creation of customer-specific metadata structuring to a simple configuration task;
  • Integrated and advanced faceted search;
  • Advanced users and permission control;
  • For the enthusiast, advanced features such as zooming in detail, conversion of multi-page pdf files, configurable low resolution

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