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What does it offer?

DigiHaven is the solution for the archiving of files in which you can use templates to build the right structure of the archive.

Who can use it?

DigiHaven is meant for both public and private organizations that require a budget-friendly digital archiving and preservation solution. This solution enables flexible archive management for medium-sized to large-scale organizations, where each department can set up its own archive structure.


The templates can be managed in the digital file register. The shape of the file and the related metadata are hereby determined. Thanks to the E-depot, files can be uploaded efficiently and the corresponding documents can be linked to the template from the digital file register.


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What does it offer?

MediaHaven is a cloud-based and on-premise Media Asset Management platform. This solution assists your organization in managing, distributing and archiving digital media content, both professionally and securely. There is no limit on the number of files, which allows you to store all your preferred content.

Who can use it?

Via MediaHaven you can store, retrieve and distribute all digital media files online within your entire organization.


The MediaHaven platform can be used as a DAM, MAM, and E-depot solution.

MediaHaven Analytics

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What does it offer?

MediaHaven Analytics presents an advanced solution for the effective analysis of large quantities of unstructured files. Using a search engine, we provide access to all data in order to allow your organization a fast and efficient way of storing and retrieving all data.

Who can use it?

Organizations that are interested in automatically categorizing and enhancing large volumes of unstructured text.


The analysis platform supplies a set of tools or various service components for enriching an unstructured text with automatically generated metadata. According to your needs, you can submit a request for each language to one of the available web services. The content of each tool is stored in a predefined XML format after which it is sent to the organization.

The available text analysis tools are: Named Entity Recognition, Wikipedia Linking, IPTC Categorization, and Custom Build Categorization. Thanks to the web interface and other tools, except the Wikipedia Linking and Wikipedia Categorization, you will be given the opportunity to report feedback on the output data generated. This way, you can improve search engine results and correct inaccurate predictions.

Discover our solution for HU
through our case study

20180518 HL7 LE 0042 Onderaan

Due to the growing value of video in Hogeschool Utrecht (HU), the importance of a central platform on which you can store, archive and retrieve files grew, in order to allow easy access for students as well as employees. Thanks to MediaHaven, Zeticon succeeded in implementing DAM- (Digital Asset Management) and E-depot system. This way, students and employees are able to store, retrieve watch and evaluate a various range of audio-visual material and documents.

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