Discover MediaHaven 2.0: Our greatly improved DAM

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At Zeticon, the continuous growth of our solutions is key. In the past year, we've worked hard to optimise our existing Mediahaven product. We are therefore proud to present MediaHaven 2.0 to you.

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A customer-centric approach

At Zeticon, the entire story starts from the customer's needs. Our customers are closely involved in the development of our solutions. We start from the customer's work processes and try to set them up as efficiently as possible.

In developing MediaHaven 2.0, we again involved our customers closely in the process, as they are the ones who will be using our product on a daily basis. We started by interviewing our customers. Thanks to their feedback, we gained more insight into the needs of our customers, the strengths and weaknesses of the current platform.

With the following foundations in mind, we have further expanded Mediahaven:

  • Usability of the platform
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Performance

Renewed interface

MH2.0 has been given a completely fresh new look with the above values at its core. Our attractive, visual and dynamic design will immediately catch the eye of new users. The intuitive platform is designed so that users without any technical knowledge can start working with MH2.0 right away. For the UX/UI design, we collaborated with our sister company Sweet Mustard, a company specialized in the co-creation of software solutions.

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New features

In addition to UX/UI improvements, we have of course also worked on some important new features:

  • An easily searchable DAM is a must. That is why users can now use filters to refine their search queries even faster and more efficiently than ever before. Searching for exact terms has also been simplified, no longer requiring being put between quotation marks.
  • The platform is even more process-driven. For example, you will be able to set up evaluation flows to assess and correct your assets before they are effectively published and recorded in the archive.
  • Managing large amounts of assets is easier than ever. Users can now intuitively create collections and add assets to them. Certain metadata of the collection will be automatically copied to the underlying assets, saving considerable time adding metadata to assets.

In addition, our main features such as the possibility to integrate with other platforms, a very complete REST API, secure data loading and writing, etc., have of course been retained.

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Our main goal with MH2.0 is to create an efficient environment that satisfies everybody: Our client organizations, their employees, colleagues, the citizens/public, etc. We make sure that your organization will be able to meet the needs of your stakeholders even better and faster than before.

We hope you like it!

Would you like to know more about MediaHaven 2.0? Let us know!

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