MediaHaven 2.0 is hier: onze sterk verbeterd beeldbank!

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At Zeticon, the continuous growth of our solutions is central to our way of working. That’s why the past year we’ve been hard at work at optimizing our Mediahaven product. And today we are very proud to announce to you Mediahaven 2.0.

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A customer-centric approach

During the development process of our web application we have put a strong emphasis on client collaboration, as they will of course be the ones using our product on a daily basis. Because of their feedback, we have been able to identify several key working areas and have worked tirelessly to improve them.

Thanks to our collaboration with our clients we have determined our most important core values:

  • Usability of the platform
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Performance

Renewed interface

MH2.0 has been completely revitalized with the aforementioned values at the center of our attention. During this redesign process we’ve paid even more attention to a user friendly user interface and experience.

Our new attractive, visual and dynamic design will be instantly noticeable, even to our new users. And our intuitive platform has been designed to allow new users to instantly get familiar with WH2.0, even those lacking any technical background.

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New features

But besides many UX/UI improvements we’ve of course also been working on several important new features:

  • An easily searchable MAM is a must. That is why users can now use filters to refine their search queries even faster and more efficiently than ever before. Searching for exact terms has also been simplified, no longer requiring being put between quotation marks.
  • The platform is even more process-driven. For example, you will be able to set up evaluation flows to assess and correct your assets before they are effectively published and recorded in the archive.
  • Managing large amounts of assets is easier than ever. Users can now intuitively create collections and add assets to them. Certain metadata of the collection will be automatically copied to the underlying assets, saving considerable time adding metadata to assets.

Of course, our current main features are retained, like the ability to integrate with other platforms, our very complete REST-API and the ability to upload and archive secure data.

Media Haven 2 0 zoekpagina

Our main goal with MH2.0 is to create an efficient environment that satisfies everybody: Our client organizations, their employees, colleagues, the citizens/public, etc. We make sure that your organization will be able to meet the needs of your stakeholders even better and faster than before.

We hope you like it!

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