FAQ training MediaHaven 2.0

  • Q: Do metadata at collection level overwrite the metadata that comes automatically from the input?
    No. The metadata that is entered on the item from the processing is not overwritten by the metadata of the collection. The metadata of the collection is only copied on empty fields of the children.
  • Q: Can you only put AND relations in search or also OR relations?
    At the moment only AND relations are possible in the search. In current developments, we are looking for a way to make these OR relationships possible.
  • Q: Can you delete the original video if you have saved the useful clips?
    No. The clips are seen within the system as part of the original video or audio. So when you delete the video you would also delete all fragments.

  • Q: We are currently still uploading photos via the management module of the old system. Can we already upload photos via the new system? Where can we find the photos from the old workspace in the new system?
    Of course you can now also upload photos via Mediahaven 2.0. These will then be shown in the concept page. The photos uploaded to your old workspace will also be visible in the concepts page.
  • Q: What about connection problems when charging, does it just pick up where it left off?
    When the connection is lost, charging will stop. The system doesn't keep track of where it left off, so you have to start charging again.
  • Q: How do we best get started with collections (because there is no "link" between the current and the new system in terms of collections)?
    From now on, you create new collections in Mediahaven2.0. You can gradually revise the existing collections and see what added value it would be to switch to a Mediahaven 2.0 collection. Others can be "bundled" or "grouped" via metadata by giving them the same tag. In a next version we provide an alternative to the current collections / sets that do not belong to a Mediahaven 2.0 collection.

Do you have any questions or feedback?

We love to hear it! You can register your question via a ticket on Support Zeticon. Choose the type 'Question MediaHaven 2.0.'

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