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As the largest Flemish institution, Kunsthuis Opera Ballet Vlaanderen performs major classical works and new creations from the opera, dance and ballet repertoire. It is one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in Flanders. With its headquarters in Antwerp and its permanent headquarters in Ghent, Kunsthuis Opera Ballet Flanders plays a distinctive role in the production of Opera and Ballet at the highest level. Connected to the immediate surroundings - with productions at an international level - the Kunsthuis Opera Ballet Flanders is one of the world's top opera and dance institutions. The Kunsthuis Opera Ballet Flanders assures access to a diverse range of opera and highlights the importance of taking account of developments in, and the needs of, society. Retaining existing visitors and reaching a new audience is the core of the future vision that opera and ballet see as part of a broad cultural infrastructure with profound social significance.

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