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The University of Utrecht assists both starters and professionals. The University has a consistent range of bachelor's, master's and courses, which are continuously renewed along with the professional field. Proper education is guaranteed to meet the demands of the professional world placed on its professionals. Throughout their careers, professionals at HU learn to develop their knowledge and how to apply it, so that they can continue to renew their professional practice.


Use case

Due to the growing value of video in Hogeschool Utrecht, the importance of a central platform on which you can store, archive and retrieve files grew, in order to allow easy access for students as well as employees. Thanks to MediaHaven, Zeticon succeeded in implementing DAM- (Digital Asset Management) and E-depot system. This way, students and employees are able to store, retrieve watch and evaluate a various range of audio-visual material and documents. After an in-depth selection procedure, MediaHaven seemed to be the perfect solution for HU, to serve as an underlying platform for the storage of media files during lessons, exams and for documents during the whole school career of students. HU was initially looking for a MAM (Media Asset Management) system but soon realized that MediaHaven could be used for a lot more than only MAM.

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A school career filled with documents

As soon as a student applies to college or a university, all files are stored and archived during his/ her school career. Some of these files even need to be saved a lot longer. This situation was already applicable for HU, but because it consists of a large number of files, Hogeschool Utrecht decided to write a tender. After this, Zeticon and its platform MediaHaven were chosen as a partner and solution. Both parties investigated how MediaHaven could serve as a central archiving platform, together with its accessibility, in order to implement links to other applications of HU.

The increasing value of video due to blended learning

Besides the number of files per student, the expectation arose that the use of video in Hogeschool Utrecht would only increase in the course of time. This evolution came because of the expansion of the ‘blended learning’ concept. This means, that students are able to combine education at school and via e-learning. Because of this, the importance of a central system for storage, archiving, meta dating, access control and workflow automation of educational equipment keeps on growing. Although, it remains a requirement to assure the manageability and security of the media.

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Supporting E-depot during exams and assessments

During an exam, such as Sign Language, or other evaluations of actions within an active learning education, it’s important to review every operation as good as possible. As soon as the required actions have been recorded on video, it increases the added value for a more profound evaluation or re-evaluation. To enjoy this opportunity, students should fluently upload their exam material. This could be achieved via the very user-friendly import module on the MediaHaven platform. The MediaHaven solution makes sure that those files are being stored and archived via the platform, after which the tutor can evaluate and comment on the video, including the creation of fragments in the video player. After the evaluation, videos could be stored in the E-depot of MediaHaven, in order to retrieve and watch them afterward if there’s any doubt on the results of the students.

Implementation via Canvas

On top of that, Zeticon also implemented a link between MediaHaven and Canvas. Canvas is one of the most important platforms for students and employees within HU. It’s a learning management system (LMS), on which knowledge clips with educational information are stored. Zeticon created a plug-in to save and retrieve videos from Canvas so that students could consult the audio-visual material and corresponding explanation of a tutor. Also, tutors could use the link on the platform to Mediahaven themselves, if they’d like to save files or use material from other colleagues.

“We’re very happy with the way our content has been centralized, stored and implemented to other applications. The cooperation made sure we could achieve our goals!

- Christian Donders, Product owner media & e-depot Hogeschool Utrecht


Zeticon as the perfect match with its own products and platform

HU wanted to find a way to extend their vision of a sustainable archiving platform, so they began to look for the perfect partner. Out of a various range of solutions, Zeticon cached the eye of HU because of their value for money and their vision of architecture; the cost-effective, scalable and flexible solution of Zeticon satisfied the needs of HU. Because of the open API, HU was also able to build on top of Zeticon, either through open source or through commercial software components.

“Thanks to the clear communication and customer directed way of thinking, we created mutual pleasant and fluent cooperation. The cooperation also provides, alongside this project, extra growth possibilities with new objectives in the area of archiving and marketing.”

- Nick Vercammen, CTO Zeticon

Results and plans for the future

At this very moment, Zeticon looks back upon the cooperation with HU in satisfaction. Together, we succeeded in archiving the files as sustainable as possible. As part of the continuous improvement, Zeticon and HU frequently have follow-up meetings to coordinate the roadmap and future plans.


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