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Founded in 1830, the Belgian Defence serves as a center of expertise in which lays the foundations for a successful future as a volunteer or pilot. Besides, they also create job satisfaction and commitment. The Ministry of Defence makes use of all human and material possibilities to teach students the necessary skills to become a soldier or military pilot.


Every year, Belgian Defence sends dozens of photographers and videographers to conflict affected areas at home and abroad. The registered digital media is used both internally and externally. The latter mainly for press purposes. For example, in case VRT needs a high resolution image of an F-16 for the news broadcast, they’ll get in touch with the communication department of Belgian Defence.

As all the digital media is gathered in a Media Asset Management (MAM) system - which is connected to a digital portal for distribution - an adequate solution is crucial. Since Defence’s current MAM system was very outdated, there was an urgent need for a new approach. Together with DigiNet and Calibrate, we provided a brand new and high-performing solution. Let’s have a closer look!

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Until now, Belgian Defence used a system which was mainly appropriate for video footage. However there were also over 200.000 images stored on it. It soon became very clear that a system had to be configured and implemented that supports different media formats.

On top, the MAM system was not user-friendly. It took way too much time to retrieve files, everything had to be done manually, the overall storage capacity was insufficient and the maintenance was cumbersome.

In brief, a thorough update was necessary.

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Since we always want to handle a customized approach, we looked for the right and adequate partners for this assignment. After all, we aim to drop-off something where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And that’s how we ended up at DigiNet and Calibrate. Starting from an existing standard platform, the first one played a leading role in this project, providing the necessary hardware and an AVID production environment. Subsequently, we delivered the Media Asset Management system (MAM) - MediaHaven, where the distribution of the digital media was enabled through a Drupal portal as foreseen by Calibrate. Together strong!

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Beginning from an in-depth audit, executed by DigiNet, different issues, needs and requirements were identified. Based on this analysis, it was determined which hardware and servers were needed, and which data and metadata required. Once DigiNet completed the entire planning, we could get started.

As MediaHaven was initially designed to be integrated with existing systems, the production environment was linked with MediaHaven using seamless workflows.

This allows the communication department to quickly retrieve the needed media for their production platform directly from the centralized MAM. Once finished, the newly created content get saved straight to the MAM, overall creating a more efficient, pleasant and hassle-free environment.

As the MAM system is only available for people within the Defence’s communication department, a digital portal is absolutely necessary for distribution purposes. By using Zeticon’s REST-API, the MAM system was connected with a portal that was created by Calibrate. In this way, both internal (e.g. military personnel) and external parties (e.g. press) can easily access the desired digital media.

Further on, we configured custom metadata profiles based on the feedback we got, prepared the whole migration process, gave workshops on the use of the new MAM system and so on.

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The multi-disciplinary pact payed off. We can confidently say that the joint efforts have resulted in a robust and high-performing system for Belgian Defence. A setup that allows easy retrieval and exchange of digital media assets. Something that allows the communication department to work much more efficiently and lose much less time.

And as we always want to deliver a total package to our customers, our services are not limited to just providing the desired end product. We stay in touch with our clients and provide support when needed. They can always reach us easily for further questions, we carry out necessary updates and several of our employees give workshops on the use of the newly implemented systems. Zeticon at your service!

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