Customised for your organization

Audiovisual content

We make the image and audio material easily re-usable, retrievable and integrable throughout your entire organisation.

Digital files

Zeticon guarantees efficient preservation, findability and public access to your digital files.

Key dif­fe­ren­ti­a­tors


  • Agile Approach
  • From DIY to Turn Key
  • Aligned with customer business goals and timeline
  • On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid
  • Seamless Integration: point-by-point or loosely
  • API First approach
  • Highly Configurable Metadata


  • From a couple of Gb to over 15 Pb
  • Grow as you go
  • From Single organization to Multi organization platform
  • Flexible hardware upscaling
  • Project and support are scalable according to customer needs, using our Cronos network

Cost Efficient

  • Highly Configurable Standard Platform
  • Pay upon usage
  • Continuous growth on functionalities through Customer Community
  • Structured and approved implementation process
  • Annual over 20% of revenue in R&D


  • Fast search and retrieval of assets or documents
  • Elastic management of required processing resources
  • Prompt dynamic storage allocation upon need
Alvaro reyes 500047 unsplash

Zeticon made managing our data much easier.”

How it works





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